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January 2017


Welcome to the website of Lindsey Horner, I hope you enjoy your visit. To hear musical samples from many of my recordings, please stop by the store.

I'm glad to say that the solo record I've been working on is done! Toward the end of June, 2015, I took the plunge and went into the friendly confines of Kaleidoscope Sound and put down the makings of a solo bass recording. Some of my great bass heroes have tested their mettle by making an extended solo statement, Miroslav Vitous, Gary Peacock, Ron Carter, Dave Holland (who has made two - AND a solo cello record). It seemed that I'd put it off long enough so I went into the studio with the able support of my right hand man, Jeff Berman, who played drums on about half the tracks. Thus making it not strictly speaking "solo" but I thought it would be more fun to have Jeff accompany me in his inimitable style. I've always been something of a groove player forming my tightest bonds with drummers and Jeff has been a part of so many of my projects. I did a photo shoot in Ft. Tryon Park with the great Judy Schiller and am trying to decide which of her beautiful shots to use (that's one of them at the banner of this page).  I hope to finally have it out soon. Please stay tuned.


Sleeping Bee is an endeavor of myself and three longtime friends and musical running mates, Andy Goessling, Timothy Hill and Randy Crafton. The Band can best be described as " World Folk Jazz", and it seems to be growing each time we play together. We've started making a new recording and will keep you informed about the progress of that. Our first recording, Heyday Maker, came out in 2013 and to be honest, we are quite pleased with it. We did most of the work at Randy Crafton's excellent Kaleidoscope Sound of Union City, New Jersey. The band has grown with the addition of singer and guitarist Timothy Hill to the band. I have known Timothy for many years and have longed to make more music with him. He specializes in harmonic singing whereby two or more notes can be sung at once - as well as more conventional singing. Heyday Maker is available through this site - go to the store to view, listen and purchase -  and also at CD Baby:

 As you can see above, there is a special section on this website dedicated to all things Sleeping Bee.


I've finished my fifth year as a member of The Eileen Ivers Band, (Eileen took this somewhat rare photo of me playing baritone saxophone)We had a great summer and covered a lot of ground from Colorado to Minnesota, Virginia and North Carolina to New England and even a show here in NYC at the Sheen Center. We finished the year with the Joyful Christmas Show again in New York at the Sheen Center. I'm thrilled to be a part of this great band which includes guitarist and fiddle player Matt Mancuso, three time All-Ireland champion button accordion player, Buddy Connolly, and percussionist and singer, Dave Barckow. I've yet to do a gig with Eileen and the lads where the audience was not on their feet raving at the end. For more information on the band and touring schedule, go to