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Upcoming Sleeping Bee Tour Dates

  • May 29

    Trad in the Attic


  • May 31

    Poplar Knight Spot


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May 2015


Welcome to the website of Lindsey Horner, I hope you enjoy your visit. To hear musical samples from many of my recordings, please stop by the store!





Sleeping Bee was out on the road at the end of April, early May in the fair state of Vermont. We found fine listening and hospitality there and hope to return early and often. Special thanks to Don Sheldon for bringing us to the Burlington area and the fine spring weather. John Platt of WFUV in New York has invited us to take part in his On Your Radar concert series at Rockwood Music Hall on Tuesday, May 12th. John is a tireless seeker of new and interesting music and we are happy that he has sought us. We are also heading down South at the end of the month playing at the Blacksburg, VA, Trad in the Attic series on May 29th and at The Rooster's Wife, Poplar Knight Spot in Aberdeen, North Carolina on May 31st.


Sleeping Bee was in the studio in February putting down a few tunes featuring Timothy Hill. While we are very happy with the first recording, Heyday Maker, it has been out for over two years already (!) and it precedes Timothy's joining the band. We're thinking of making a "work in progress" EP type of thing on the way to a recording later this year of some of the exciting new material we've been playing. Heyday Maker is available through this site - go to the store to view, listen and purchase -  and also at CD Baby:


Sleeping Bee is the brainchild/lovechild of my longtime musical brother, Andy Goessling, and myself. The Band can best be described as "Transcendent Acoustic ", and it seems to be growing each time we play together. Our first recording, Heyday Maker, has been out for awhile and to be honest, we are quite pleased with it. We did most of the work at Randy Crafton's excellent Kaleidoscope Sound and Randy also lent his considerable percussion artistry to the proceedings. We have been rehearsing new material and have expanded the concept by adding the singer and guitarist Timothy Hill to the band. I have known Timothy for many years and have longed to make more music with him. He specializes in harmonic singing whereby two or more notes can be sung at once - as well as the more conventional kind of singing.

As some may know, Andy has been a member of the genre-crossing band Railroad Earth since its inception.

As you can see above, there is a special section on this website dedicated to all things Sleeping Bee.

Here's a look at the cover art:



I'll be performing at The Stone, NYC on Thursday, May 28th as part of a highly unique piece called "Deep Tones For Peace" which features an extremely heavy cast of bassists. Led by Mark Dresser and including Rufus Reid, Dave Phillips, Ken Filiano, myself and others, it is directed improvisation and was a truly innovative experience when we performed it back in 2009.


 I'm in my fourth year as a member of Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul.  I'm thrilled to be a part of this great band which also features guitarist Greg Anderson, three time All-Ireland champion button accordion player, Buddy Connolly, and percussionist and singer, Dave Barckow.  Singer and banjo player, Dierdre Brennan has also joined us on recent dates. I've yet to do a gig with Eileen and the lads where the audience was not on their feet raving at the end. For more information on the band and touring schedule, go to